How to use One Note to solve maths equations

You don't need a calculator to find answers to simple math equations when using the Microsoft One Note. All you have to do is jot down the equations and Onw Note will automatically fill in the correct answer. This post will guide you on how to use the One Note to solve simple mathematics equations.

How to disable specific keyboard keys in Windows 10

Do you have some keys on your Windows 10 PC that you seldom use or you just find yourself pressing it mistakenly very often? or perhaps you just want to prank your friends about your PC having a bad keyboard, this post will guide you on how to disable specific keys on your keyboard using a free tool called "Simple disable key".

How to disable Password after sleep in Windows 10

When your Windows PC is not in use, it is very much advisable to allow the computer to sleep in order to conserve energy but the wake-up process could be annoying when you still need to input your password.