Windows 10 consuming more data? learn how to reduce It

The Windows 10 experience can be very exciting but you also need to keep track of your data usage especially in a situation where you do not have unlimited internet access plan, you will agree with me that monitoring your data usage is inevitable. Therefore, i have decided to share with you some important tips on how to monitor data usage on your Windows 10 PC.

How to check data/MB usage on Windows 10

1. One of the ways of monitoring data usage on Windows 10 is via the Task Manager. Follow the simple steps below to try it on your PC.

  • Right click the taskBar (the bar at the bottom of your screen) > Select Task Manager from the options.
  • Click the App History Tab
  • The App History section shows the data usage of applications on your PC for a specific period, you may delete the usage History for a fresh start but all the same, the usage history is usually deleted every 30 days.
  • . The Second Method of checking data usage in Windows 10 is via Settings:

    • Press Windows Key + I on your keyboard to open Settings 
    • Click Network and Internet
    • Click data usage to see the accumulated data usage for the last 30 days (Wifi and LAN connections)
  • Click Usage Details to see the data/MB usage for individual apps on your Windows 10 PC
The Image above shows the data usage for that particular Windows PC, with this information, i can now decide to turn-off Google updates or just uninstall apps i don't use frequently but consumes data.

In conclusion, the two methods have their pros and cons, try both methods to get all the details you need about data consumption on Windows 10 device.

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