How to use One Note to solve maths equations

You don't need a calculator to find answers to simple math equations when using the Microsoft One Note. All you have to do is jot down the equations and Onw Note will automatically fill in the correct answer. This post will guide you on how to use the One Note to solve simple mathematics equations.

How to disable specific keyboard keys in Windows 10

Do you have some keys on your Windows 10 PC that you seldom use or you just find yourself pressing it mistakenly very often? or perhaps you just want to prank your friends about your PC having a bad keyboard, this post will guide you on how to disable specific keys on your keyboard using a free tool called "Simple disable key".

How to disable Password after sleep in Windows 10

When your Windows PC is not in use, it is very much advisable to allow the computer to sleep in order to conserve energy but the wake-up process could be annoying when you still need to input your password. 

10 Things to do after Installing Windows 10

After a successful installation of Windows 10, getting familiar with the new OS is definitely the next thing. However, there are a couple things that needs to be done in order to have an awesome experience of your new Windows OS. To help you traverse the exciting changes your PC has just been through, I've listed things users should do next to ensure a satisfying Windows 10 transition.

How to Activate GodMode on Windows 10 and 8

GodMode is a hidden folder that makes available a range of handy customizations for your PC. The best part is that it is easy to install and not complicated.

How to fully backup Windows 10 or 8.1 PC on a storage device

Periodical backup of your Windows PC can help you restore valuable settings, documents and software in cases where a system failure occurs leading to loss of some data. The Image backup feature in Windows 10 and 8.1 is a bit-by-bit copy of your entire system which includes desktop programs, windows applications and all your personal files. 

27 Essential Windows 8 and 8,1 shortcut keys

Carrying out tasks on Windows PC is a lot easier when you are familiar with shortcut keys required to speed up your commands. I have compiled 27 "i consider" most important shortcut keys that will help you make the best use of your PC running on Windows 8 and 8.1

How to reduce data consumption on your windows PC

Is your Windows 10 consuming more data than expected? This could be the work of some background activities taking place without your notice while you were busy with other things on your PC. Nevertheless, this tutorial will guide you on how to control data consumption on your PC.

Upgrade to Windows 10 after the July deadline for Free

Since July 2016, the free upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 was stopped as announced and users of the lower versions like Windows 8 and 7 will now have to pay a sum of USD 119 (approximately NGN 41, 200) in order to download and install the Windows 10 on their existing PCs. 

How to Delete duplicate Photos on your Windows PC

Duplicate photos can consume a lot of valuable space on your Windows PC's hard drive or external storage, and even on OneDrive especially now that Onedrive users can no longer enjoy unlimited storage like they used to.

Internet Explorer 11 download for Windows 7

Microsoft Internet explorer 11 is the native browser of computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Before now, people despise the Internet explorer browser based on the fact that it lacks some features that could be found on other popular browsers like chrome, opera and mozilla but the game changed for good after the launch of the Microsoft internet explorer 11.

Windows 10 consuming more data? learn how to reduce It

The Windows 10 experience can be very exciting but you also need to keep track of your data usage especially in a situation where you do not have unlimited internet access plan, you will agree with me that monitoring your data usage is inevitable. Therefore, i have decided to share with you some important tips on how to monitor data usage on your Windows 10 PC.

How to configure system restore point in Windows 10 using script

System restore point on Windows enables you to revert your PC back to a period in time when it was working perfectly. This tool come in handy when you just added some apps or made some configurations that might have caused your Device to start misbehaving; lag or malfunction.

How to Clean up PC RAM with a single Click

If your Windows computer is slow and takes much longer time in opening programs or carrying out tasks, the RAM may be almost full and needs some clean up. This trick will enable you to easily clean up RAM on your Windows PC using a Script.

How to Protect Microsoft Word Document with Password

Microsoft Word allows you to add some security to your Manuscripts just to prevent unauthorized access to your work, this post will guide you on how to protect your MS-Word Documents using Password.

How to Fully Backup Windows 10 or 8 PC

You can prevent loss of valuable settings, documents and software when a system failure occurs by doing regular backup of your Windows 10 or 8.1 PCThe Image backup feature in Windows 10 or 8.1 is a bit-by-bit copy of your entire system which includes desktop programs, windows applications and all your personal files. 

Tired of Windows 10? Here's how to Downgrade to 8.1 or 7

Are you tired of Windows 10? Did you upgrade to your current Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows like 7 or 8.1 and wish you could revert back to your formal version of Windows? It is very possible, this tutorial will guide you on downgrading from your Windows 10 PC in a very simple way just like a PRO!

How to Disable Adverts on your Windows 10 Lock Screen

Many windows 10 users that login via their Microsoft accounts have noticed some picture-looking ads on the lock screen. This Microsoft ads are courtesy of the Microsoft Spotlight feature and this tutorial will guide you on how to disable display of these adverts on your Windows 10 Lock screen.

Trick to Make Windows 10 File Explorer Display in Tabs

Do you know that you can have a tabbed search results in Windows 10 File Explorer and even have it customized to make it look like the UI of Google chrome? The screenshot below says it all. This post will guide you on How to add tabs to file explorer in Windows 10.